Satinated Decorative Glasses

The satinated decorative glasses, are produced by chemical treatment.  On a float glass at which there is placed the cast of each design, fluoride is poured which corrodes the free surfaces of the glass, thus creating the desired design.

Satinated Decorative Glasses
Design Thickness Size
Basak 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Dama 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Dalmacya 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Dolmabahce 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Ekose 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Leather 04mm 225,0 x 321,0
Midye 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Mutfak 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Petek 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Sarkit 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Sarmasik 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Santuk 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Zebra 04mm 160,5 x 225,0
Zeytin Dali 04mm 160,5 x 225,0

The Decorative satinated glasses are placed in applications that require a gigh easthetic result, such as:

  • Glass doors
  • Interior separators
  • Doors & windows
  • Furniture & kitchen furniture
  • Shower cabinets

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