Tinted (Coloured) Float Glass

The tinted glasses has being coloured during their production, without changing the other chemical components of the common Clear float glass and without changing its physical properties.  The only difference is the reduction of the Light transmittance due to the colour of the glasses.

Tinted (Coloured) Float Glass

Available Thicknesses:






03mm   x    
04mm x x x  
05mm x x x x
06mm x x    
08mm x x   x
10mm x x x  

The tinted glasses can be used in many applications, with the most typical examples the following:

  • Furniture
  • Architectural applicatiuons
  • Room decoration
  • Doors & windows
  • Automotive industry
  • On ships & boats

They are also used as the base glasses for the production of reflective or Low-e glasses.

Important information:

The tinetd glasses have a high energy absorption and it may need further processing to prevent it from self-breaking by heat shock in outdoor applications.