Polyurethane Sheets

The Polyurethane Foam Panels are designed for signs, props, prototypes, master models, dimensional letters and thermoform plugs.  They are less expensive than wood outright, it also offers significant labor savings in its availability of large sheet sizes and thicknesses that are ready for fabrication immediately, instead of requiring joining and planning prior to starting work.
For outdoor use, as a closed-cell product, cannot absorb water and will not rot, crack or wrap.  It can be proccesed or cutted by using many ordinary methods such as CNC machines, sandblasting, standard woodworking tools, waterjet cutting.

Polyurethane Sheets
Thickness Size
30mm 100,0 x 200,0
  • Signs
  • Props
  • Prototype models
  • Master models
  • Dimensional letters
  • Thermoform plugs

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