Polystyrene panels are used to make signs and displays.  There are also decorative polystyrene panels in nashiji design.

Design & Colour Thickness Size
White mat 02mm 090,0 x 142,0
Nashiji Clear 04mm 150,0 x 305,0
  • Signs
  • Counter door panels
  • Industrial packaging
  • Stands
  • Displays
  • Refrigarators
  • Doors & Windows (decoratives)

Related Products

Polyurethane Sheets
The Polyurethane Panels are used in 3D signs, letters, in the creation of models, etc.
The Pet-G sheets are suitable for complex shapes and deep draw forming needs. They are 15 times tougher than acrylic and they are ideal for the most demanding uses. They are easy to machine and process. They are the ideal plastic solution for moving parts like display cover hinges, joints and jigsaw-like designs. Gamma radiation is used in strelisation of the medical equipment. Pet-G's resistance to gamma radiation and to most chemicals makes it an indispensable plastic in medical field.
PVC Foam
The PVC Foam Sheets are suitable for printing and displays. It can be easily proccesed (cutting, holes, lamination).
Polycarbonate Solid Sheets
The polycarbonate solid sheets can be used in many applications such as noise barriers, canopies, etc. They are virtually unbreakable (literally 200 times stronger than glass). They can be cold bended and they are able for thermoforming. They have UV protection and 10 years warranty.
Cast Acrylic Sheets
The Cast Acrylic Sheets are stronger than the extruded (XT) acrylic sheets. There is large variety in colours and thicknesses (up to 30mm). They can be used in displays, stands, boats windows, etc. they have UV protection and 10 years warranty.
Acrylic Sheets XT (extruded)
The XT Aclylic Sheets are 50% lighter and 2 times stronger than glass. It is easy fabricating material with very high transparency and UV protection. There is 10 years warranty