Reflective Glasses

The Reflective glasses are carefully designed to meet two requirements of architects:  Heat resistance on the inside and great exterior appearance, for better living and better working.

This product is manufactured by a process known as 'On-line pyrolitic coating' wherein a silicon-based coating is applied to the glass surface by means of pyrolisis.  Also known as hard coating, the process fuses precious metal oxides on the surface of the float at high temperature while the glass is in formation.
This process gives the coating a number of properties:

  • Total integration into the surface of the glass
  • Strength and stability over time
  • Specific solar control properties limiting glare inside the building

To fully benefit from the product's aesthetic, solar control and durable qualities, the coated surface should be located on face 2, in both single and double glazing.
This product provides functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction.

In combination with a 2 Season Low-e glass in position 3, it acquires Low-e properties.

They can be installed as monolithic in outdoor applications where double glazing does not work (eg balconies, canopies, etc.)

Reflective Glasses
Product Colour Thickness Size
Stopsol Classic Clear 05mm 225,0 x 321,0
Bronze 05mm 225,0 x 321,0
Stopsol Supersilver Clear 05mm 255,0 x 321,0
Grey 05mm 225,0 x 321,0
255,0 x 321,0
321,0 x 510,0
Dark Blue 06mm 225,0 x 321,0
Stopsol Silverlight Priva Blue 06mm 225,0 x 321,0
Antelio Bronze-Havana 05mm 321,0 x 600,0
Steel Grey 08mm 225,0 x 321,0
  • Wall curtain in commercial buildings
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotels

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