Anti-Reflective Glasses

The anti-reflective glass offer stunning visual effects with almost no reflection or created images where color and clarity are important factors.



Properties of anti-reflective glass:
Light Transmission: Greater than 98%
(double side on Ultra Clear).
Reflection: Less than 1%

Common Properties of clear float glasses:
Light Transmission: About 90%
Reflection: Approximately 8%

Anti-Reflective Glasses

Available stock:

Glass colour Coatings Thickness Size
Ultra Clear Double sided 04mm 225,0  x 321,0
Ultra Clear Double sided 66.1 (12,4mm) 321,0 x 600,0

A bigger variaty is available under a special order

  • Stadiums and fields
  • Museums displays
  • Architectural entrances
  • Airports
  • Retail stores (jeweleries, luxury clothing shops, etc)
  • Car shows

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