Clear Float Glass

Clear Float Glass is the most common type of glass.  It is used in many applications and is the basis for creating almost all other types of glass, e.g. Laminated, Mirrors, Low-e, Reflective, Painted, thermally tempered, etc.

They have an outstanding clarity, excellent color neutrality, and high levels of visibility and light transmission.

Clear Float Glass

Available thicknesses:


Physical properties of glass

Mechanical properties

Density: The density of the glass is 2.5 which gives the glass a mass of 2.5 kg per square meter per one millimeter thick.

Crush resistance: The crush strength of glass is extremely high: 1,000 Newton / mm2 or 1,000 MPa. This means that to crush a glass cube of one centimeter (1cm), we need a weight of about 10 tons.

Tensile strength: When a glass is bent, it has one side under crushing and the other under tension. Although the resistance of glass to crushing is very high, its resistance to tensile stresses is significantly lower.
The fracture resistance due to bending has the following values:
40 Newton / mm2 (= 40MPa) for ordinary glass
120 - 200 Newton / mm2 (= 120MPa) for the "tempered" (tempered) glass, depending on its thickness, grinding, holes, notches, etc.

Elasticity: Glass is a completely elastic material. It does not show permanent deformation, until it breaks. But it is fragile and breaks without warning if exposed to excessive voltage.

Thermal characteristics

Linear expansion: Expressed by a coefficient that measures the area (elongation) for a temperature difference of 1oC. This factor generally applies to temperatures from 20 to 300 oC.
The coefficient of linear expansion of the glass is:
9 X 10-6 m / mk (= 0.009m)

A 2 meter (2,000 mm) long glass exposed to a temperature rise of 30 oC will lengthen by:
2 X 9 X 10-6 X 30 = 0.54 millimeters (half a millimeter)

The most well-known applications of Clear Float Glass are in:

  • Doors & windows
  • Windowscreens
  • Glass walls
  • Showers
  • Glass Shelves
  • Internal Partitions
  • Furniture
  • Displays
  • Stairs