Solar Spectrum Field Service & Sales Kit

Solar Spectrum Field Service & Sales Kit SK1840 is the complete solution in order to investigate the solar & thermal properties of a glass pane.

Solar Spectrum Field Service & Sales Kit

The kit occupies a small volume where in a small suitcase includes the following tools:

  • Glass Thickness Meter & Low-E Detector GC3000
  • Strengthened / Tempered Glass Detector SG2700
  • Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter SS2450
  • Solar Transmission & Power Meter SP2065
  • Non-Contact Temperature Gun with Laser Pointer MT1575
  • Infrared Heat Lamp Assembly HL1040
  • HEAT-SHEET Temperature Demonstration Card HS2050
  • Acrylic Base for Sales Demonstrations HS2056
  • Stand for Solar Meters SP2075
  • Low E Glass Sample Set 3 GS1333

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