Anticondensation Mirrors

The “Anticondensation mirrors” are ideal for bathrooms, especially those with inadequate ventilation.
They warm up to 30-35°C, which is the ideal temperature to prevent the mirror surface from condensation of steam. They are designed for keeping the mirror completely steam free using a low energy consumption.

Anticondensation Mirrors

Typical standard dimensions:

  • 16x28cm 8W 230V
  • 28x28cm 16W 230V
  • 41x28cm 24W 230V
  • 50x50cm 55W 230V
  • 101x44cm 105W 230V
  • 100x60cm 145W 230V
  • Round diam. 50cm 40W 230V

It can also produced in dimensions according to the customer’s design for single batches.

Ideal for bathrooms with poor ventilation, but not only, it guarantees perfect clearness of the mirror surface, in correspondence with the dimensions of the heating foil applied on the back.

  • Mirrors in bathrooms
  • Mirrors in ships

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