Low - e Glass

2 Season Low-e Glasses
The “2 season” glasses, are ideal for climates with cold outdoor temperatures. They collect the warmth of the sun and preserve it in the room.
4 Season Low-e Glasses
The glasses which are known in the market as “4 Seasons” glasses, they work effectively during all year, particularly when the hot sun “hits” the windows, mainly during summer. The additional feature of “4 Seasons” Low-e glasses is that in addition to their ability to impede the transfer of heat from the warmer to the colder side, they are additionally able to inhibit access of the direct solar radiation towards inside the buildings.
Solar Control Low-e Glasses
In cases that the intensive sun “hits” directly the glass, it is needed to stop the free access of solar radiation inside the buildings. Low-E glasses involve special coatings, achieving that and restraining it significantly, controlling the entry of solar light in the building.