Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses

The Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses protects and reveals artwork as never before.  An optimal viewing experience requires abundant light, but ordinary glass limits light transmission to approximately 90%.  Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses, (double-sided) transmits more than 98% of light, bringing brilliant colours and fine details to life.
It reflect less.  Ordinary glass reflects approximately 8% of light.  This reflection results in a distracting mirror effect, which Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses virtually eliminates without sacrificing clarity.
It Preserve quality.  Beauty fades behind ordinary glass, which provides only 20% protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.  Brilliance offers a substantial UV protection, filtering away more than 60% of ultraviolet rays.
To achieve full protection (>99%) against harmful UV rays, the Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses are available on LamiGlass UltraClear 2.2.1. low iron glasses.  PVB between two 2mm UltraClear (low iron) lites provides additional UV protection and enhances mechanical safety and security.
Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses APPROACH TO DISTORTION FREE VISION.  High-performance anti-reflective glass begins with stringently specified and carefully tested float glass.  Using innovations the Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses apply a multilayer anti-reflective coating on both surfaces, achieving dramatic reduction in reflectance and optimal conditions for viewing and protecting prized artwork.  Paintings, photographs, drawings and other works become more vivid when presented with Guardian’s double-sided anti-reflective glass.  Our UV protection helps them stay that way.
Brilliance provides a residual reflection of less than 1% (exact number depends on glass configuration and/or thickness) and a viewing experience through the glass that is virtually distortion free. However, under specific natural and artificial lighting conditions and in some specific viewing angles, a slight reflection may be seen by the naked eye. It is recommended that a sample is viewed in the actual location to understand which of these factors may be present in your particular application.

Picture Frame Antireflective Glasses

Available thickness:


Available size:

120,0 x 159,0

  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Drawings
  • Art works

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