They test a very wide range of energy and similar properties of the buildings.

Nowadays, where technological development is rapid, they have been invested buildings products that achieve high energy-saving performance.

But there are some legitimate questions:

  • What do we earn by installing thermal insulation products (eg Low-e glasses)?
  • How can we see that our building is in need of improvement of its energy performance?
  • How would we be sure that the products which have been installed in our building are those they should be?

Now, these questions can be answered using the EDTM™ Test Equipment.  The EDTM™ Control Devices, test a very wide range of energy and similar properties of the glazing, windows and buildings in general.  For example, we mention the measurement of the losses of insulation of buildings, the measurement of the energy efficiency of a glass pane or a whole window frame, the detection

ALFA GLASS, in response to the needs of its customers, has added to its range of products the USAF mechanisms, as well as a wide variety of accessories for glass panes & glass doors.

  • Floor springs
  • Roof springs
  • Hydraulic patch fittings
  • Hinges
  • Door handles
  • Door locks
  • Glass connectors

Our company provides many consumables for glass machines.  For example:

  • Diamond wheels.
  • Resin wheels and felts for all kind of straight and shape, edging and beveling machines.
  • Polishing wheels for all type machines (beveling, edging, engraving).
  • Special diamond wheels (wave, OG, 3OG, pencil edge, waterfall, engraving, bevel, etc).
  • Diamond cutting disks for laminated and bullet proof glasses.
  • Portable hand tools for grinding, polishing, Edge deletion, etc.
  • Drills, routers, fraises.
  • UV lamps (with spare parts) and UV adhesive.
  • Portable sandblasting machine (with spare parts).
  • Silicones, cutting fluids, self-adhesive tapes, pads for grinding, cerium oxide.
  • Tools (suction lifters, glass breaking pliers, Glass cutters, circle cutters, glass cutters, L squares, wheels for cutting, lever lifters).
  • Glass plier (for glass thickness 3-25mm, max 1000kg).
  • Portable drilling.
  • Wheels for CNC.

Our company’s aim to cover all our client’s needs of their total professional activity, directed us to include in our range of products glass accessories.  We possess all the main accessories for glass that are necessary for installation of usual or even special glass applications.  Our continuous communication with all the suppliers internationally, allows us to import and deliver fast even when special products and solutions are requested from our clients.  Assuring high quality, we are able to cover all the main categories of glass accessories:

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Handrails-Knobs
  • Floor Springs
  • Patch Fittings

Trying to progress even more, we have added in our range of products also a special category:  The Entrance Systems.  Simple standard doors, manual and automating sliding doors, folding doors, special floor springs etc.  Our goal is to assist anyway we can and constantly, our partners by providing products of excellent quality and at the same time acquiring knowledge of the glass market’s needs.