Mirrors on Clear Float Glass
Mirrors on Clear Float offer aesthetics, light and spaciousness to interior applications.  When used creatively it provides a new perspective to tight andawkwardly shaped rooms. Their creative use gives a new perspective to the spaces. It is the best seller type of mirror, with most applications.
Mirrors on Ultra Clear Float Glass
The mirrors that have an Ultra Clear as base glass, have excellent performance of the image, without altering the true colors.  In combination with the large thickness of 06mm, the creation of the most faithful image from the mirror is achieved without alterations not only in color but also in shapes.
Mirrors on Tinted Glass
For applications where there are needs of decoration, mirrors that have a coloured base glass, these mirrors are an excellent solution.  The presence of colour in the image does not change the shapes and the coloured mirrors continue to achieve their main purpose which is the reflection of the images.
Satinated Mirrors
For applications where there is specific need of decoration, Satinated Mirrors are an excellent solution. Their front surface is corroded with fluoride.  The base glass, transparent, bronze or tinted, gives the final color.
Old Style Mirrors
For applications where there is specific need of decoration, antique mirrors are an excellent solution. Their design is created by pouring chemicals that corrode only the inner coatings of the mirror.
Mirrors with Pyrolitic Hard Coating
Mirror with Pyrolitic Hard Coating is an optimal solution for humid areas.  In addition to its use in private houses, it can also be used for mirror effects on larger wall surfaces in areas of extreme humidity, or where disinfection or cleaning agents are to be employed and the common mirrors are in danger of corrosion due to high humidity.
Anticondensation Mirrors
The “Anticondensation mirrors” are ideal for bathrooms, especially those with inadequate ventilation. They warm up to 30-35°C, which is the ideal temperature to prevent the mirror surface from condensation of steam. They are designed for keeping the mirror completely steam free using a low energy consumption.
Mirrors For Display Screens
The “Mirrors for Display Screens”, placed in front of digital displays and video screens.